Skyward Bound: Royal Roofing’s Drone Revolution Elevates Industry Standards

Embracing the spirit of exploration and innovation, Royal Roofing charts a new course in roofing services, pioneering the use of drone technology to elevate safety, efficiency, and precision.

Royal Roofing Takes a Bold Leap with Drones

Back in 1519, Hernán Cortés landed in the New World and did something drastic to ensure his crew’s commitment—the legend says he burned their boats. Looking deeper in the historical facts Cortes scuttle their boats on the shore. Whether he orderd the boats burned or scuttled there was no going back, only forward. At Royal Roofing, we’ve taken a similar leap of faith by fully embracing drone technology for our roof inspections.

Embracing Full Commitment

Inspired by Cortés’ decisive action, we’ve committed wholeheartedly to integrating drones into our inspection processes. This decision marks a significant shift in how we approach roofing services, putting us at the forefront of technological innovation in our industry.

The Benefits of Drone Technology

Transitioning to drone inspections came from recognizing the limitations and risks of traditional methods. Climbing on roofs is inherently risky and time-consuming. Drones, however, offer a safer, more efficient alternative. They can quickly survey a roof and provide high-resolution images that help us identify even the smallest issues, all without the need for physical access.

Implementing the Change

Adopting drones meant more than just buying new gadgets; it required a fundamental change in our operations. We invested in top-notch drones, trained our team extensively, and developed new protocols for analyzing and reporting findings. It was a comprehensive shift designed to ensure that we could deliver superior service using this new technology.

The Impact of Going Drone

The move to drone inspections has transformed our business. It’s not only about the increased safety and efficiency but also about setting new standards in roofing services. Drones allow us to detect potential problems early, saving our customers time and money. Plus, this commitment to cutting-edge technology has solidified our reputation as industry leaders.


Our decision to integrate drone technology into our operations is akin to burning our boats—there’s no turning back. It’s a bold step that reflects our dedication to innovation and excellence. Just as Cortés embarked on a journey of discovery, we’re exploring new frontiers in roofing, committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. By embracing this technology, we’re not just keeping up with the times; we’re leading the way into the future of roofing. Dive into the future with us and see how innovation is reshaping traditional industries. Share your insights on social media, like, and tag us!

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