Marty McFly’s scene at the gas pump in ‘Back to the Future’ demonstrates great customer interaction at a gas station.

Imagine a world where every service stop feels like a trip back in time. The focus is on personal attention, making each customer feel valued and important. Each person feels like they are the center of attention in the room. Dive into the nostalgic service experience with Marty McFly at the iconic gas station in ‘Back to the Future.

Carl Sewell is a famous entrepreneur in the car sales industry. Sewell wrote a book called “Customers for Life” which highlights the importance of providing great customer service for business success.

  1. Bring ’em back alive: Ask customers what they want and deliver it consistently, thereby building a recurring customer base.
  2. Systems, not smiles: While courteous interactions are important, reliable systems ensure tasks are performed correctly every time.
  3. Under promise, overdeliver: Exceeding customer expectations by going beyond what you promise builds trust and satisfaction.
  4. Always say yes: When a customer makes a request, the response should be affirmative, showing flexibility and eagerness to serve.
  5. Empower your staff: Eliminate traditional roles like inspectors or consumer relations departments; empower all employees to address and resolve complaints.
  6. No complaints? Something’s wrong: Encourage feedback, including negative feedback, as it provides opportunities for improvement.
  7. Measure everything: Just as sports teams analyze their performance, businesses should measure every aspect of their operations to continuously improve.
  8. Partnership in pay: Implement compensation practices that treat employees like business partners to motivate and retain top talent.
  9. Respect and politeness: Basic manners and respect can greatly enhance customer interactions and satisfaction.
  10. Learn from the best: Study the practices of leading companies, adapt their successful strategies, and further refine them.

Carl Sewell emphasizes that these principles are ineffective unless they contribute to profitability, which sustains business operations and supports continuous improvement in service quality.

Applying Classic Customer Service Principles to a Roofing Company

Just like in a gas station or automotive dealership, roofing companies can significantly benefit from adopting superior customer service practices. Companies in the roofing industry can uniquely tailor the principles outlined by Carl Sewell.

  1. Our consultation approach involves understanding the needs of property owners. This includes their preferences for roofing materials, timelines, and budget plans. We strive to accurately meet their requirements.
  2. Utilize modern tools to monitor project timelines and ensure timely completion of each task.
  3. Quality Beyond Expectations: Surpass homeowner expectations by delivering exceptional craftsmanship and using superior materials.
  4. Offer a variety of roofing options. Be open to changes in project size or material preferences.
  5. Give your roofing crews the skills they need to answer questions and solve small problems right away. This will help reduce the need to escalate issues.
  6. Feedback is crucial. Feedback helps measure service quality and identify areas for improvement.
  7. Performance Metrics: Monitor everything from project completion times to customer satisfaction scores to drive continuous improvement.
  8. Fair Compensation Models: Ensure that compensation for roofing teams is competitive and rewards quality workmanship, which encourages retention and motivation.
  9. Maintain professionalism and courtesy at all job sites to show respect for the property and homeowner.
  10. Industry Benchmarking: Keep abreast of industry standards and innovations, adopting new techniques and technologies that can enhance service delivery.

A roofing company can enhance its reputation and foster lasting relationships with clients by implementing customer service principles. Exceptional service can turn one-time clients into loyal customers who will trust the company for all their roofing needs.

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